Now More Happier.


Prediction for '05

The insectoid overlords (who are controlling the government through the Puppet President B*sh) will make themselves known via their reptilian alien connections. At this point the government mind control towers (disguised until now as cell phone towers) will begin functioning, causing a wide variety of side effects the most notable of which will be complete subserviance. To do this means that they will need to destroy the world's tinfoil supply, which will be achieved by engineering a substance which causes rust to all things metal. As well as enable them to take over minds without hinderance, this will bring non-plastic technologies to a virtual stop. The Atlantian Faction, a group within the innermost circle of the Illuminati will take control of the European Union through their president and the loopholes engineered into the constitution. They will fight a land war in Asia resulting in the detonation of all of China's nuclear weapons which will cause widespread famine in the area, tieing up US and European resources to feed the new asian colonies. The Mayans predicted that "the Serpent God will rise on the southern island and from there begin his reign in the year of the famine" this can only mean, obviously, that the Antichrist will take control in Australia, creating 3 major world powers - the insectoid/reptilians, the Atlantian Faction, and Satan. The Atlantian Faction and Satan will create an alliance and through the use of biological warfare destroy the insectoids and the American continents. At this time, Jesus will defeat Satan as prophesied in The Revelations and the Australia will sink into the sea creating a tidal wave that will cause warm water to flood the antarctic regions. A multitude of scientists have performed studies showing that this will cause much of the ice there to melt, creating what is now known as the greenhouse effect - except a thousand years earlier and without any gasses. The remaining humans alive in Europe will be enslaved by the Atlantian Faction and forced to serve the top 1% elite.


Driving School - Test Day.

Easy ass test. I made 3 errors (you're allowed 9, and then you fail on the 10th) - I was on the wrong side of the yellow line pulling out of the parking lot (which I corrected myself but whateva), and I put the signal on too early twice (basically, I did it when he told me where I was going). Other than that, smooth sailing.

So basically, I can drive now. Jesse's planning to fix my car in a couple weeks and then...the roads are mine.

Pre-Driving School - Day Test.

I just woke up not too long ago. I'm feeling not only awake, but a tad hyper. This test will be my bitch, and then I will have just that much more freedom. I am ready for it, and I am not afraid.


Driving School - Day 3

So today was my worst day. In the words of the driving instructor, "I've never seen someone get worse at driving." And then he met me. Today the car felt odd. The past couple days it was really easy to drive, but today it kept wanting to go right. I'll need to remember that for tomorrow's test. According to him, it'll be a 10 minute drive around the city. Shouldn't be too hard. Also, today I was tired. I went from waking up at 10 to waking up at 6, and even though I try to go to sleep earlier it doesn't work too well. I think that, if I'd had a choice, I wouldn't have been driving today. But I did, and I did poorly. So whatever. I'll go to sleep extra early tonight (I hope) and awake bright eyed and bushy tailed in time for test passing. Getting that temp license will kick some ass, even though my car isn't really drivable at the moment.


Driving School - Day 2

Today we did some interstate driving. Much cooler than going 45 the whole time. It's also much easier during the daytime. At the beginning of my second turn driving, I hit a curb pulling out of the Home Depot parking lot and almost got into the wrong stoplight lane (prompting the instructor to ask me if I was alright.) Later I asked if I could turn right on a redlight, while there was a truck coming. He paused a moment and then was all like, "Not with a transfer truck coming. What the hell are you thinking son?" I mumbled a reply and waited my turn. The driving test is in 2 more days, so whateva.


Driving School - Day 1

I just got back. It was alright. I have a slight speeding slower areas (45 down), when I stop paying attention to my speed, I start to speed. I figure I'll get this under control and win the driving test. Also, I'm a wonderful parker. Parallel parking is my bitch. There are 2 classes each day, so I should be done Thursday. I feel obligated to mention there was a somewhat hot girl there. Today, I wore Lucky You cologne. Tomorrow, it will be Seduction.


More news from the home front.

I just finished getting all of my movies and music over to this computer. Woohoo.


Merry Christmas.

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."


The whole gift opening thing was better than I expected. I guess I'll give a quick run down of what I got.

$20 from Josh and Sara (Thanks guys)
$20 Prepaid mastercard thing (like a gift certificate for anywhere)
Steering wheel & license plate covers
Window tinting foil
Window decals
Seat covers
Ice remover
Grandma and Grampa paid for driving school so I'll get my license on time
Flashlight/Radio (Grandma Pat*)
Encyclopedia of Mammals (Grandma Pat*)
Socks (Grandma Pat*)
Camera (Grandma Pat*)

In my stocking:
Seduction cologne
Lucky Brand cologne
German phrase book (Es gefaellt mir)
Condoms (wtf)
Lottery ticket (no luck :( )
Magic 8 ball
Silly Putty
Bubble blower thing
Lint brush
Assorted Candy

*Grandma Pat - She gives wierd gifts every year. I think she spontaneously buys lots of things, then gives them away at Christmas. This year she did decently well, though.



So, this will be my first post from my new room using my new computer. Rejoice.


So I'm sort of sick (I think it's probably a cold), and I didn't go to sleep last night because of this. I took a nap yesterday though, so I'm not as tired as I otherwise would be. Anyway, I drank a couple cups of coffee and some cough syrup and now I really, really need to calm down. Christ, I was talking to some people, and one of them was talking about being a bartender. Then I mentioned eunuchs and made a bad eunuchs/unix joke. In the past hour I have:
  1. Decided I would be a passable rapper. You don't want to know, because it would destroy your image of me.
Why is that in a list? Because I think it looks pretty bad ass that way.

Peace out, I'm goin for the skrilla.


It should be a crime.

Good songs that are extremely difficult to sing along to suck.

Case in point: 3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters by Modest Mouse.

Ah, blessed solitude.

Dad is, right now, working his way up to Pennsylvania. I'm staying here until either my room is finished and ready to move into or christmas eve. So, fully stocked with food, soda, and any other essentials I'm forgetting, I will be the sole occupant of this house until that time. It's so very, very awesome.


Oh God.

Atlas by Covenant. It's like an orgasm for your ears.


Updates - En Masse

I'm not really sure where to start, so I guess I'll pick a likely place and go on from there. I'm liking less and less the fact that I live with all those monkeys at my mom's house. Ashley didn't go to jail, which makes me in turns angry and morose. I'm sincerely hoping that it will be better once my room gets finished, hopefully this weekend, and if it isn't I suppose I'll be moving back to good old Chesterfield. I've been spoiled, I suppose, by actually having peace and quiet when I lived here with just dad. This is a commodity more rare now than fine gold. Even at night there's either music going, people talking, or some dog noisily scratching/cleaning itself so that I have taken to turning the surround sound on and up loud enough that I simply can't hear anything else. It's quite unpleasant waking up in the middle of the night to the loudness of a DVD's menu song playing over and over and over and over. Another thing I dislike is the lack of a clock in the living room. The only available sockets turn off when a switch is flipped on or off. Setting a clock that would be plugged into those just isn't worth it, in my mind. This means basically that my only guide to time is the last minute I walked into the kitchen (where the stove clock tells me about what time it is), the light or darkness of the sky, or people being woken up in the morning. It doesn't sound like much, but it gets really annoying after awhile. I suppose that's the issue - not one single, large thing, but rather the constant grating of many small annoyances slowly eroding my tolerance. I've already stopped even attempting to be nice to Ashley because she called me an asshole when I said "Please get out of the way" when she was standing in a doorway. Fuck that goldfish faced, bear toothed jerk.

School's been hectic recently, with a lot of projects and papers requiring attention. This is all very hard when I have to schedule computer time over here at dad's house in order to get work done. However, I've gotten it done. Thank God for Mr. Cabanos's classes.

In other news, both of my parents know about this thing now. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that. I don't mind that they know what's going on in my life, but it sort of limits the things I'm willing to say here. There are simply things I'm not going to say where I know my parents can read them. Which sort of creates a dilema, because there will, I'm sure, be things I want to say that I'm unwilling to put up here. I guess that's where realJournal comes in.

Which reminds me. I've seen Aaron Carter in concert.


The PSATs are my bitch.

I got my scores back the other day. Going into the test with 0 review and no idea it was even that day, I scored: 73 Critical Reading, 58 Math, 53 writing (max is 80 for all). This means a projected 1310 score on the current SAT system or 1840 on the new SATs. Also, I scored higher than 99% of juniors in critical reading.


Devil woman.

Right now I'm taking a short break from doing some detailed notes. I have been looking at court cases and their summaries for most of the day now. My brain doesn't feel like it's about to melt, but I don't think it'll be absorbing anything new for a few hours.


Update, succinct style.

Me: Doing alright. Room still not built yet. Too much schoolwork.
Sarah: Going out with a friend of mine. I was pissed for awhile but over it now.
School: I got decent grades on the recent interim, so I must be doing something right.
RealJournal: Haha you wish. Sucker.


I'm back.

Computer is fixed, with help from Best Buy and Josh. I've decided against putting up realJournal entries, because I don't feel like deciding which parts I want to share with the world at large and which I'd rather have none of you know. It's nothing terribly exciting anyway. Quite possibly more tomorrow.


The computer got the last laugh.

The hard drive's dead, so I won't be on the internet (probably) until I get a computer of my own. I'm really not sure when that'll happen. I'm on right now because I'm at a friend's house. I've got a notebook that I'm using as a real journal now, so my first project (when I've got the time) will probably be to type all of that stuff out.