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Well, there's a pretty good reason I didn't update last weekend. I went to the mall/movies with a girl named (in an odd coincidence) Sarah. It was pretty cool, we hung out at her mom's house for a little while, then went to Books A Million and walked around. Then we walked over to Southpark mall and had dinner somewhere and then saw The Incredibles. I'd normally give a review here or something, but I was holding her hand and not paying much attention a lot of the time. I'm not really sure how I feel. At only 17, there are, I feel, atleast a few feelings that I have yet to experience. So, is it love? Maybe. I don't know. Unfortunately though, I'm unsure how she feels. I feel the need to talk to her, but there's never really a good time. Maybe during lunch or something. Except, as much as I want to find out how she feels, I am afraid. I am afraid that I will hear she doesn't feel the same for me, that my feelings shall go unrequited again. This would be made all the more bitter by the fact that, at one point, I am fairly sure that she had feelings to match mine. I am also afraid that I will come off as some over bearing jerk who feels that he is entitled to something he isn't. Probably the first, more than the last. Definitely both. I was considering calling her when I got back to Prince George, ostensibly to see if she wanted to go to homecoming, but also to try to see how she feels now. Then again, maybe I'll just get her to come have lunch with me and we can talk then.

This all seems so easy in the abstract. I wish that it were easy in actuality.

Aside from this bit of the old melodrama, I guess life is pretty much same old same old. I got Halo 2, it's pretty damn bad ass. There is one big problem with it, but just in case anyone reading this hasn't played it and is planning to, I won't give it away. I'm such an awesome guy. School's going pretty well. I've got a few projects due, but oddly enough I can't seem to care. One is in German, and I have gotten an 84-87 for the past 5 9 week periods, so I'm not really worried about my grade in that class. Basically, because it's always the same. I've also got a couple projects due in English, one actually over do. It's a persuasive speech. I was going to write it about how Ashley is ugly and stupid and hardly worthy of being called a human being. However, it's for school, and I can't write two pages of non-profanity about that dumb whore. The extent of her dumbness: She's got herpes, blames it on the fleas currently creating a minor nuisance for the dogs, and refuses to get it treated. She has, to my knowledge, given it to atleast 2 other people. Like I said earlier, dumb whore. So anyway, I'm thinking my new speech will be on why the English alphabet should be ammended to remove those useless letters that only make the sounds of other letters. For example: C. I hate that fucking letter.

Fuck you, C. Fuck you hard, mr. "I can't decide if I'm an S or a K sound."


Blogger Daniel said...

Oh, I forgot. If you miss talking to me (and I know that you do), I'm on AIM most mondays/wednesdays/every other fridays from 8:20ish to 10 or so. I'm also around most tuesdays/thursdays/fridays that aren't on the monday/wednesday schedule from 10:05 to 11:50 or thereabouts.

8:06 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

c(Daniel hates C)an you do AIM on your c(Daniel hates C)ell phone?

11:45 PM

Blogger Joshua said...

Homecoming? You'd actually GO to homecoming?!?!


What's wrong with Halo 2? I probably won't get to play it all the way through, ever. Do you have 2 working controllers? I remember one I gave you was missing part of the cord or something... it'd be badass to get some 2 player going on next week.

10:42 AM

Blogger Princess Sara said...

As your loving sister, I feel it necessary to give you some "gettin' some" advice. She's probably in the same place you are right now; freaked out, not wanting to be too forward, and worried about what you think. My best advice is to talk to her:

You: Hey, I had a good time last weekend and if you're free this weekend, I'd like to hang out again.

Put it on her, I'll decipher her possible responses:

Sure/Yeah-She likes you

I'm busy this weekend, but what about next...-She's busy this weekend, but she likes you

I don't think so/No/Maybe another time-She's a bitch and doesn't deserve someone as cool as you

If you want, see if she'd like to hang out with you while we're in town, we can go get some coffee, but tell her she needs to drop the "H".

By the way, the fact that she let you hold her hand is the best possible sign.

10:37 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Trevor: Nope.

Josh: I have 2 working controllers now, but one of them has a break in the cord so it cuts off if you move it wrong. It's a pain, but I might be able to borrow one for the weekend and give it back to a friend next monday. Some co-op would be really bad ass.

Sara: Yeah, my dad gave me the same sort of advice. Just roll with it and ask her out again. I'm thinking I'll try to see if she wants to do something next weekend.

10:49 AM


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