Now More Happier.


Good news.

So, Monday, Ashley stayed home from school. Hearing of this, her parole officer decided to come and see what she's up to. So, he comes over and gives her a piss test. And, of course, she failed. So, hopefully, she's gone on the 9th. Either for 30 days or for good. The house will be much calmer, much less dirty, and the average IQ will rise something on the order of 25 points.

I feel like dancing.


Blogger Daniel said...

PS: Are there any good comp sci colleges in St. Louis?

8:37 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

she ur sister?

11:22 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

No she's a super ugly former friend of my sister who lives with us because her parents didn't want her.

9:20 AM


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