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Back home for the weekend.

I don't really have much to write about. I got a pretty good report card (my lowest grade being my one C+ in physics and having an 89 average over all), and I'm getting a class ring. Maybe I'll find a way to take pictures or something after the ring ceremony. I believe construction on my room is about to start for real, but I could be wrong. I'd like to get this computer moved over there asap, though, and I refuse to do that until there are doors with locks in between it and the general public. Or, for that matter, everybody in the house that isn't me.

The election is over with. Of course, I'm happier with the current outcome, but perhaps now the zealotry and proselytizing (and especially proselytizing zealots) can stop. From both sides. Seriously. Please.

As a last note, there's an organization...SVCA (Southside Virginia Council of the Arts), and in Team Design, we were supposed to design a logo for them. Mine, made originally as a complete joke so that the teacher would quit telling me to start working, apparently got a good bit of attention. While Trevor's got chosen (and, personally, were much more worthy) they want to make an event using mine. It's kind of hard to describe, though it's fairly simple. A poorly drawn explosion, colored in by hand in yellow, with hand written type and labels. A stick figure adorns the side, replete with his own labels. Maybe later I'll do a reproduction and upload it somewhere.

There are also some thoughts I need to sort out. Since those involved may or may not read this, I'd rather not go into them. Standard teenage things. However, I think this weekend of blissful solitude will help.


Blogger Trevor said...

I agree with the politcical stuff being over. Half of them think the world is ending neways.

11:21 PM


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