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So, I'm staying at my mom's house. This is not an ideal situation, though for the moment it is tolerable. There's a room being built for me in the sun room, which will be an actual room. I'm not really sure on the size, but it will have it's own AC/heater and be a place where I can just be like 'You're all dumb, I'm going to my room now.' and then stay in my room for quite some time. There will be a computer in there, which will be cool. I'm still looking around for non-dial up connections. The closest I've come so far is 'accelerated' dial up from Earthlink. I guess it's better than 56k, but not by much.

Now, to the neighborhood. It's right beside a major highway. Even though there are giant concrete walls seperating the road from the neighborhood, the sound of cars is a constant, and though the exhaust is not enough to smell, you can feel it clogging your lungs as you walk outside. The area is pretty desolate. Cheap housing, probably made for those who work at Fort Lee but don't want to or can't live on base. The area seems to be a breeding ground for white trash, though perhaps that is just because of the people my sister hangs out with.

The people.
Most of them are, at the very least, tolerable. Here's a quick run down.
Mominator - She's changed a lot in the 3 years she's been seperated from my dad. Despite this, she's still really cool. I have to wonder at her decision to let so many people stay in this house, though.
Madi - Future white trash. Smokes (probably cigarettes and pot), probably drinks, has a tattoo and multiple piercings. Came pretty close to failing 7th grade, due to skipping school.
Jessie - Mom's boyfriend. He, unlike the last one, I wouldn't mind hanging out with or talking to. Or, now that I think about it, making eye contact with.
Chris - He seems alright. He's pretty laid back, so we get along fairly well.
April - I don't talk to her much because she's usually working/sleeping, but she's pretty cool.
Ashley - Dumb, annoying, ugly, slutty. I wish my sister had better character judgement, because the house would be 50 times less annoying if this moron wasn't there.
And then there's me. Since you're reading my blog, I shouldn't have to say anything about myself.

So, how am I doing? Well, I've been better and I've been worse. My dad's in a 30 day program, I forget the name of the place. However, he said it was good and he thinks he's going to get the help he needs there. Everyone who is there wants to be, even though the beds are stinky and the food sucks. I haven't eaten in about 32 hours, though I'm not feeling very hungry. I haven't been getting enough sleep at all. My sides hurt from coughing, because there's a cat in the house and I am super allergic to them. I'm staying at home tonight, because that damn cat makes weekend mornings suck. Josh and Sara are taking it home because they're awesome, so hopefully that won't be a problem for long.

As a sort of PS, if you've read this recently and wondered why I haven't told you about my dad, it's because I don't know how people react to that kind of thing.
Person: Hey
Me: Hey
Person: So, how's it going?
Me: Well, my dad tried to kill himself Sunday night and is only alive because I missed the bus.
Person: ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man.
I'm sorry this shit is happening. Not to be all cliche, but I'm here to talk if you need it. I can call you if you get me a number.

Kinda funny but not really: Remember you wanted to wait until it "got lighter outside" before you checked on your dad? Yeah. Good thing I happened to be up uber early that morning.

Anyway. Keep me updated.


11:50 PM


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