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Like a joke.

My life is like a joke. Before you think to yourself, "STFU, you angsty mofo," supposing you already haven't, just read on. Occasionally, when someone tells you a joke, you know the ending somewhere around the middle. Here's an example. Sometime last year (I think, it might've been 2 years ago,) a teacher, I want to call him my art teacher even though I only had him once, in graphic design, and he didn't teach much, told me and a few others a joke he attributed to someone else(I want to say Andy Warhol, but that's probably wrong.) It went something like: One day, my grandpa gave me a bullet, which I keep in my shirt pocket all the time. At this time you don't really know what's going to happen. So one day, I was walking down the street and I saw one of those street preacher types. The thought forms itself, though only as an idea. He had a bible with him, and suddenly he pointed at me and yelled something. You know what's going to happen. Or should. He threw the bible right at me, it hit me in the heart. Come on, you know the ending. I couldn't help thinking to myself, "If that bullet weren't there, that bible would've hit me right in the heart." And there was much rejoicing.

That's what I feel my life is like. I don't mean my entire life, because as awesome as I am, even I couldn't see that far ahead. I know that I'm in probably the most important year of high school, the last one before I apply to colleges and go through the emotional rollercoaster that is acceptance and rejection in those hallowed halls of learning. At this point, I'm almost positive my major will be Computer Sciences. Possibly with a minor in Electrical Engineering. It's what I do. It's what I'm good at. In some ways, it's what I love. That, however, is another post entirely. I can see myself going to some college or another, probably whichever one gives me the best deal. After this I see a few things possible.

Grad school, maybe. If I have the passion and drive, and something interests me. Probably not.
Starting my own business, maybe. I'm not exactly sure what that would entail, or even what I would do.
Office drone, most likely. Atleast for awhile. I'm ambitious enough that I might be able to work my way up, live the American dream and die moderately wealthy, my soul sucked out of me by MegaCorp.

But until then, I am full of plans for the future. We took the PSATs (pre-SATs) today. I was completely unprepared, but the test itself was easy. Fairly basic math and fairly easy English. If the SATs are anything like this, I will have no problems at all. Perhaps my (hopefully) good performance on these is why I've got the feeling that something, something is around the corner. Actually...

I've had this feeling for days. It seems, even though it's October, that school is about to end. Or atleast get out for awhile. Or that I'll find myself in a relationship (which would, quite honestly, kick ass.) Or that...well, I'm not really sure. But whatever it is, it's going to happen. Hopefully it'll be good. Or atleast not horrible. I'd settle for decent.


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Wow. I guess sometimes I get caught up and don't realise when a post is so long. Do people even read them all the way? I'm sure, since they're stream of consciousness (or something like it,) that they can't be very easy to follow. It'd probably help if you were inside my head.

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