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I'm so funny.

So today there was a college fair with some colleges from around Virginia attending. I went mostly to get out of class, but as a side result of my existance, hilarity was created. One of the schools there was Liberty University. As I was finishing filling out some form for (I think) Longwood, a few friends decided it would be a good idea to ask if they considered themselves a party school. I, not knowing that the folks at Liberty would have loved the Third Reich, decided it would be a good idea to ask. So I did. I have never heard a quicker answer of 'No' given.

This is how it would have looked if life were an AIM conversation.
Me (2:29:41): So would you uh, say that Liberty's a party school?
LUDrone6969 (2:29:42): No.
* Me has disconnected.

I also might be Hampton University's token white guy. Boy would that be funny.


Blogger Trevor said...

Isn't Hampton U an art school, or they have a good graphics design program? Im not shure...

10:17 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

I don't know. The rep said they have a good comp sci program, which is probably (read as: is) the major I'm going to do, possibly with a minor in engineering.

The funny thing is that I'm lilly white and Hampton is an HBC.

6:00 PM


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