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I hate you, Visual Studio .NET 2003.

I bought this program last weekend using a program my school's signed up for. $300 software for #20, including S&H. Yeah, I'm all up on that. However, this $20 may well go to waste.

This is the exact order of events that has happened no less than 10 times.

  1. Insert prerequisites disk.
  2. Get prompted to insert disk 1.
  3. Insert Disk 1.
  4. Get told this is the wrong disk.
  5. Try again.
  6. #4
  7. Check again to be positive it is disk 1.
  8. Get blinded by reflection of light on CD.
  9. Admire the excellent mirror these things will make if they don't work.
  10. Reinsert Disk 1.
  11. #1-7
  12. Suppress rage.

(Warning: Links below may be not safe for work, though this is based on content. No naughty pictures.)
Also, I told my history teacher about Tucker Max today. Given the most recent story and gems like this, this, and this (and all of these just recently released) I'm wondering just what I might've gotten myself into.


Blogger Trevor said...

Tell her about the Tard Blog too. And when software installations dont workt, thast fucking GAY!!!! Damn programers. :(

I feel your pain.

9:28 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

I'm going to wait and see if she mentions TuckerMax before she gets to hear about the tard blog.

11:22 PM


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