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Almost forgot.

I was shopping with Sara at Target the other night, more as an excuse to get out of the house than anything else. Anyway, she was looking for clothes, which happen to be near the women's underwear section. As I looked up at the coppery, scantily clad vixens, I thought "Wow, this is the closest thing to porn I've seen all week."


Blogger Trevor said...


that target links goes to Sarah's blog!

2:13 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

So it did. My brain was sort of off yesterday.

3:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

listen daniel, i am really late on this, becaus ei fail to check anyones blogs anymore, but im sorry man. i mean it when i say im here if you need to talk or anyhting(completely nongay) seriously

8:30 PM


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