Now More Happier.


Should be the campaign slogan.

George W. Bush - The W stands for 'Wonderful.'


Blogger Trevor said...

Do i sense you liking him now? or do you just realize that kerry is a little girl scout.

6:47 PM

Blogger Joshua said...

Wonderful at what... getting the rest of the world to despise Americans? Killing innocent Iraqis? Not even caring about the massive amounts of death happening Darfur?

8:26 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

off topic*

firefox 1.0 is here, dl it daniel!

11:08 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

That Darfur thing sucks, no doubt. 10 to 1 odds that if he did something, there'd be people screaming about unilateral action, because 'they'll solve it by themselves eventually and the military is already stretched.'

5:47 PM


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