Now More Happier.


I'm back.

It was fun. The ride up there sucked. The bus was crowded, late, smelly and uncomfortable. Then the remnants of Ivan caused an accident or flooded I-95 or something and turned a 2 hour bus ride into a 3.5 hour bus ride. Then I discovered, first hand, the joys of DC traffic. Mostly the fact that it exists at 11:30. Then we got to where we were staying and pretty much went right to bed. So the Spy Museum was cool, deceptively big. The things people create in order to steal information and kill others are fascinating. Then we had chinese food in China town. Pretty decent. The ride back was definitely cooler than the ride up. Less people, early, not smelly, and better seats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought the title was "Im Black".

You are black, my nigga.

11:17 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

that was my comment, i forgot to undo the anon. radio button. damn bill gates, i blame him

11:18 PM


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