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First day. Post mortem.

So, today was the first we have old Friday schedules. The thing about ARGS that's different from most other schools is that we used to have the first 4 blocks on Monday and Wednesday, and the last 4 on Tuesday and Thursday. Then on Friday, we'd have all 8 during the day. Not anymore, now we have 'A' days and 'B' days, and the Fridays alternate between A and B. This isn't great, but it's better than it was before. If you don't understand it's because you haven't run around ARGS. The stairs alone have killed many people.

I'm changing my schedule, I got the forms today and will probably get that all done sometime tomorrow.

Saw people again, which was great. Talked to more people just going from one class to another than I have all summer. Hell, I talked to more people waiting around at Manchester than I have all summer.

Forgot how hot some girls are. Memory refreshed.

Lots of new teachers. In fact, I think I have more new teachers than teachers that I've had before. This is odd, it makes me almost feel like a freshman again. I'd really like to get my schedule in decent shape before I completely succumb, though.

Lunches are expensive. 2.75 for a fucking salad. 2.75. 2.75. 2.75.

And...I don't have a ride anymore. Aaron moved over the summer (and I didn't notice wtf,) so now I have to start getting up at 6 to get to school at 8:10 again. And leaving at 3:40 to get home at 4:40. It's a great school, but the time it takes just getting there and is insane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're on A day/B day schedule here. I like it okay...we're switching to block next year :(

4:35 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

Aaron who? And $2.75 for a salad? The chicken sandwich yesterday was $3! Those communists.

-Trevor Kirpaul

7:41 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

You update your site as often as the school homepage. haha. Yours is obviously way better though.

Please update!

3:58 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Aaron with the long hair and red hoodie, who had a mohawk last year. I'm desperately trying to keep this from being one of those boring "I went outside today. Then I came back in. Then I had dinner (MMMM PIZZA) and now I need to go to sleep ttyl." less updates, but (hopefully) decent quality.

6:30 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

Just post your theorys about life, or your observations about things like breathing and just living. As you can tell, I have a lot of time on my hands.

7:25 PM

Blogger Joshua said...

You could always make stuff up for posting... or maybe DO something interesting. ;)

8:29 PM


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