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So here I sit at 12:17am after tossing and turning in bed for something like 4 hours. This is the first weekday I've been up past 9:30 or so (no out of bed, awake) and it sort of reminds me of summer. I sort of decided that 5 and a half hours of sleep just wasn't worth it, so I'm going to pull one of those 'awake for 30 hours and desperately trying to function' things.

Then again, as I remember what classes I have tomorrow (infinity project, algebra 2, german, team design)...I decide trying might be just too much work.

Infinity project's cool, the teacher is nice and the class is small. There's a good workload there, not too much but not so little that I spend more time playing games on the internet than working. Since I'm sure most people don't know wtf it is, it's an engineering/comp sci class. We're working mainly with Digital Signal Processors and a type of coding called 'block coding.' I'm not sure on the specifics, but basically it's just fitting together blocks and making a working program out of them. It is, supposedly, programming 50 years from now.

Team Design's cool too. The teacher, for the first time ever, actually knows what they are talking about and is involved. We're doing annual reports for a non-profit organization called Christmas In April Petersburg* (that * is important) that rebuilds the houses of elderly and disabled poor people. It makes me feel warm and tingly inside.

Algebra 2 sucks. The guy gives way too much work, though I suppose I can understand his reasoning. He wants us to be able to do problems on sight, which is kind of good, but seriously, he gave us over 60 problems one weekend. That's just ludicrous. The class itself is boring too. He just drones on and on and on, and eventually I just start making shapes on my graphing calculator. Speaking of which, I need to get some games for that mofo.

German sucks so hard it's insane. It's like a black hole of suck. It would not only suck a ping pong ball through a garden hose, that ping pong ball would be followed by a basketball, which would be followed in turn by something not even circular. We had bad teachers the first year. Dr. Roane tought us incorrectly and slowly, more about non-German things than German. However, he was easily the best teacher. Then we had Mrs. Houghton, who insisted on trying to cram an entire year's worth of learning into the 6 months after Roane's 'retirement.' This did not go over well (we ended up getting through 8 or so of 15 chapters.) The next year, and this year, we have Mrs. Najmi (Maybe 9/18 and I'm being generous.) She was decent last year, despite not quite understanding that we didn't know much German. Anyway, this year she thinks that because we're in German III, we magically understand more German than we did last year. So she lectures us in German. And we don't understand. And the one teacher's pet/retard acts like they know what she's talking about and blatantly lies. You know, when you're the only one in the class that heard about a quiz or something, that probably means she didn't tell us. This year's already not going so well. It's 4 weeks into school and we [my note: we being Kenny (good friend), Andrew (pretty good friend), and myself] have been yelled at, had bullshit penalties to papers (most notably Kenny, who got 20 points taken off for not putting the date and class on the top of the paper, not being allowed to add them after she reminded everyone else, and not being told that they needed to be there), and were at one point sent to guidance.

Wow, German sucks hard. Tomorrow probably will too. Thanks, Deutschland. Or should I type Doucheland?

I'm so clever.


Blogger Daniel said...

Wow that is a really long post. I kick so much ass. Holy crap.

11:37 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

I think the "*" goes before petersburg? Im not sure.I slept all day. Woke up at 2:00 AM.

Damn Golden Corral.

1:52 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

You're probably right, it's late and I'm a bit tired.

3:13 AM


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