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So I recently downloaded Cold (R rated mix) from the official VNV Nation site. I had it maybe a little over a year ago, but then I had to reformat my computer and lost some stuff, that song included. And then the link on their site was broke, so I never got it again. And now I have it. The only problem is that I have the urge to sing along to things like the samples, which makes me feel like I need a shower.


Blogger Trevor said...

Daniel, You and I have a new word. Hopefully no one at ARGS has used it yet.

Cock Gobbeler- the guys that are younger than us at ARGS. The girls are jsut too hot...

9:56 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

I've used it a few times. I prefer Cock monger.

And why just stick to the kids younger than us? Surely there are those in our class and the senior class that fit the term pretty well.

6:34 PM


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