Now More Happier.


I need a hobby.

I can't think of anything to write about :(



So here I sit at 12:17am after tossing and turning in bed for something like 4 hours. This is the first weekday I've been up past 9:30 or so (no out of bed, awake) and it sort of reminds me of summer. I sort of decided that 5 and a half hours of sleep just wasn't worth it, so I'm going to pull one of those 'awake for 30 hours and desperately trying to function' things.

Then again, as I remember what classes I have tomorrow (infinity project, algebra 2, german, team design)...I decide trying might be just too much work.

Infinity project's cool, the teacher is nice and the class is small. There's a good workload there, not too much but not so little that I spend more time playing games on the internet than working. Since I'm sure most people don't know wtf it is, it's an engineering/comp sci class. We're working mainly with Digital Signal Processors and a type of coding called 'block coding.' I'm not sure on the specifics, but basically it's just fitting together blocks and making a working program out of them. It is, supposedly, programming 50 years from now.

Team Design's cool too. The teacher, for the first time ever, actually knows what they are talking about and is involved. We're doing annual reports for a non-profit organization called Christmas In April Petersburg* (that * is important) that rebuilds the houses of elderly and disabled poor people. It makes me feel warm and tingly inside.

Algebra 2 sucks. The guy gives way too much work, though I suppose I can understand his reasoning. He wants us to be able to do problems on sight, which is kind of good, but seriously, he gave us over 60 problems one weekend. That's just ludicrous. The class itself is boring too. He just drones on and on and on, and eventually I just start making shapes on my graphing calculator. Speaking of which, I need to get some games for that mofo.

German sucks so hard it's insane. It's like a black hole of suck. It would not only suck a ping pong ball through a garden hose, that ping pong ball would be followed by a basketball, which would be followed in turn by something not even circular. We had bad teachers the first year. Dr. Roane tought us incorrectly and slowly, more about non-German things than German. However, he was easily the best teacher. Then we had Mrs. Houghton, who insisted on trying to cram an entire year's worth of learning into the 6 months after Roane's 'retirement.' This did not go over well (we ended up getting through 8 or so of 15 chapters.) The next year, and this year, we have Mrs. Najmi (Maybe 9/18 and I'm being generous.) She was decent last year, despite not quite understanding that we didn't know much German. Anyway, this year she thinks that because we're in German III, we magically understand more German than we did last year. So she lectures us in German. And we don't understand. And the one teacher's pet/retard acts like they know what she's talking about and blatantly lies. You know, when you're the only one in the class that heard about a quiz or something, that probably means she didn't tell us. This year's already not going so well. It's 4 weeks into school and we [my note: we being Kenny (good friend), Andrew (pretty good friend), and myself] have been yelled at, had bullshit penalties to papers (most notably Kenny, who got 20 points taken off for not putting the date and class on the top of the paper, not being allowed to add them after she reminded everyone else, and not being told that they needed to be there), and were at one point sent to guidance.

Wow, German sucks hard. Tomorrow probably will too. Thanks, Deutschland. Or should I type Doucheland?

I'm so clever.



So I recently downloaded Cold (R rated mix) from the official VNV Nation site. I had it maybe a little over a year ago, but then I had to reformat my computer and lost some stuff, that song included. And then the link on their site was broke, so I never got it again. And now I have it. The only problem is that I have the urge to sing along to things like the samples, which makes me feel like I need a shower.


So today I'm going to see Shaun of the Dead with Trevor, Lilly (who none of you that don't go to ARGS know,) and I think his cousin and maybe another friend from school. Today should be fun.



Like the Shuttle Atlantis.

Short version:

Me: Let's go to the movies next weekend.
Her: I don't think of you that way.
Me: Oh.

Typing :( is much easier than typing words, so I think I'll just stick with that.




I feel like crap. I'm not sure if this'll make much sense, but you know when you blink, you don't really feel or notice it? Yeah, apparently I have a fever, so my eyelids are hot. So I notice it. And it's distracting and annoying as fuck. And my muscles are stiff and just feel...weird. I think it's from not getting enough sleep. I'll try to remedy that when I finish dinner.



I think I'm going to do it. It's a big step, and I'm only sort of surprised that it's coming so late. But whatever. The reward totally pwns the risk. I just need to wait for the right moment, say the right thing, and hopefully win at life (at least temporarily.)


I'm back.

It was fun. The ride up there sucked. The bus was crowded, late, smelly and uncomfortable. Then the remnants of Ivan caused an accident or flooded I-95 or something and turned a 2 hour bus ride into a 3.5 hour bus ride. Then I discovered, first hand, the joys of DC traffic. Mostly the fact that it exists at 11:30. Then we got to where we were staying and pretty much went right to bed. So the Spy Museum was cool, deceptively big. The things people create in order to steal information and kill others are fascinating. Then we had chinese food in China town. Pretty decent. The ride back was definitely cooler than the ride up. Less people, early, not smelly, and better seats.



So, this is the end of the second week of school. I think people are finally getting into the groove, new teachers are remembering student's names and now getting into their routines. Students are working on assessing and getting a feel for each teacher and each other. The "OMG I AM HAPPY TO SEE EVERYONE" feeling from coming back is fading rapidly, to be replaced by a "Meh, you all again." style of apathy. I am, however, still staggered by the hotness of some girls. Seriously, holy crap.

I downloaded FireFox 1.0 PR, and there are a few things I don't like. The fact that you have to type / before you can start FindAsYouType, the lack of (good) themes, the lack of (good) extensions, having to wait 3 seconds before clicking OK and installing something. It does seem a decent amount faster than FireFox .9, with some extra stuff that I like. For example, telling me when it blocks a pop-up. That's kind of cool, I guess.

I'm going up to DC today to meet with some people and then see this. It seems pretty cool, and it's definitely better than spending a weekend alone. So yeah, I'm going.


They got goth served.

Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test. I like their older stuff better, but the video's mildly amusing.

28 Mb .mov.


Should be the campaign slogan.

George W. Bush - The W stands for 'Wonderful.'


So yeah...template changes. Hopefully scrolling and loading the page will be a little faster.


Today, I mourn.

I regret that it took so long to finally get my learner's permit. It was available about a year and a half ago, I've had it for less than 5 months. If all goes well, I'll be getting my license in 4 months, or in other words, mother fucking January. Anyway, that's not so much the reason. The reason is that there's almost no chance I'll get to see KMFDM when they come close to here in November. I'd have no problem driving to DC to see these guys, they kick tons and tons of ass. It's the 20th anniversary tour (which is funny, because they've been a band longer than I've been alive,) and I don't think even they know how long it'll be between that tour and one I might actually be able to see.

So today, I mourn.


First day. Post mortem.

So, today was the first we have old Friday schedules. The thing about ARGS that's different from most other schools is that we used to have the first 4 blocks on Monday and Wednesday, and the last 4 on Tuesday and Thursday. Then on Friday, we'd have all 8 during the day. Not anymore, now we have 'A' days and 'B' days, and the Fridays alternate between A and B. This isn't great, but it's better than it was before. If you don't understand it's because you haven't run around ARGS. The stairs alone have killed many people.

I'm changing my schedule, I got the forms today and will probably get that all done sometime tomorrow.

Saw people again, which was great. Talked to more people just going from one class to another than I have all summer. Hell, I talked to more people waiting around at Manchester than I have all summer.

Forgot how hot some girls are. Memory refreshed.

Lots of new teachers. In fact, I think I have more new teachers than teachers that I've had before. This is odd, it makes me almost feel like a freshman again. I'd really like to get my schedule in decent shape before I completely succumb, though.

Lunches are expensive. 2.75 for a fucking salad. 2.75. 2.75. 2.75.

And...I don't have a ride anymore. Aaron moved over the summer (and I didn't notice wtf,) so now I have to start getting up at 6 to get to school at 8:10 again. And leaving at 3:40 to get home at 4:40. It's a great school, but the time it takes just getting there and is insane.



So I took a nap at 1:30, because I was tired and bored. But I woke up at 10:30. So now, I don't have a ride back secured (not that it'll be hard to get one) and am going to be tired throughout the first day of school. I really hope the entire year isn't like this.

And before I run out of time, happy anniversary, Josh and Sara. You're both awesome, so stay married forever.


Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm going to do my best to get out of first period class and into the guidance office to get my schedule into something somewhat acceptable. I also figured out that we have two lunches this year. Fortunately, I have the same one Kenny does, so even all or most of my friends have the first lunch there'll be someone around worth talking to. I can't decide how I feel about that decision. It's cool, because the lines and crowding last year were ridiculous. Seriously, they covered about half of the cafeteria most days, and once or twice got 3/4s of it. However, I was almost always able to avoid the lines by getting salads, which had the extra benefit of not tasting like crap. So...there's a real possibility I won't be able to talk to many of my friends, but there's also the possibility I won't have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get lunch. The little jury in my head is still out.