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So my dad's still not getting me mid-week soda. Whatever. I realise, however, that I drink an astounding amount. 4 bottles of dr. pepper in two days. One jug of OJ in one day. I'm just about finished with a container of tea that's atleast a foot tall and almost as wide as my hand. Ph34r.

Also, I finished reading everything on Tardblog. Hilarious stuff. Anyway, I remembered a few times it referenced Tucker Max. Being bored, I decided to check it out. Also funny. You should check it out too.


Blogger Trevor said...

I drink a lot too. But i stopped making soda my main choice, I still drink it, but now I drink a lot of juice and stuff. AN thanks for shortening the URLm before that, the only way I chould check your blog was either goingto your AIM profile or going to my blog and clicking the linked.

12:03 PM

Blogger Crystal said...

i checked the tucker max out! the storys r hilarious, hes such an ass, but at least he admitts it! lol

1:03 PM


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