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I got my school schedule today, and I'm going to end up having to change it. It sort of figures, I don't think I haven't had to screw with it yet. I guess if you don't go to ARGS you don't really know how bad our guidance department is, I think I heard it put best like: When they say jump, you say what cliff?

Anyway, here it is if anyone cares.

Photo I (Facer) [Going to change this, I don't want to be in Photo.]
Adv. Programming (Cabanos)
US History (England) [Might change this, it depends on how the CC class looks.]
English 11 (TBA) [The teacher had better not suck, please.]

Infinity Project (Cabanos)
Human Anatomy I (Minson) [Even though this class would be a really easy good grade, I'm still going to try and switch to CC chemistry which would be an even easier good grade.]
German III (Najmi)
Algebra II (TBA) [If this class isn't honors, I'm going to end up killing a small animal by the end of the year, I can just see it.]


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