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Comcast Haiku

After having my connection dropped about 15 times in 10 minutes, I've decided to write a haiku for those fucks at Comcast.

Comcast how do you
Suck so badly at keeping
My internet on

I would like to add that I hope you all get sodomized with pitchforks. In Hell.


Blogger Trevor said...

My internet (verizon DSL) deserves the same haiku. Except in stead of getting kicked off I just get a slow connection. I wish I had T3.

4:18 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

New URL.

The other one was a tad long. Update your bookmarks/links accordingly.

12:04 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

New URL.

The other was too long for my liking. Update your bookmarks and links accordingly.

12:05 AM


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