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My mom went on vacation, leaving my sister to us for a week. So, my dad took her to Pennsylvania to visit family, leaving me alone. For a week. Alone. Yay.

Also, you can now comment on posts, because I'm so god damn l33t.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

Have a raging party, Dan.

7:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel, i do say that you were probably one of the first friends i had at this godforskane school. And i also must say that you are probably one of the best ive ever had in my life. You and Malcolm are the only people i havent been in a fight with and you called me an asshole and stopped tlaking to me for a while. I value your friendship and i will never say anything this sappy again so savour it whike you can. But yes. You are a good friend, and i have found yo can even make me laugh occasioanly(i dont know how to spell that)
P.S. i agree youtr never too cool for titties

11:20 PM


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