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The taste of heart attack.

So my dad's doing the Atkin's diet, which means that for dinner there's a lot of meat, and not much else. There's occasionally vegetables, or some other sort of side, but that's not the norm anymore. Tonight, though, we had one of the most disgusting foods since his apple/cabbage/ham experiment a few Thanksgivings ago. That dish? Crustless meat pizza. It's basically hamburger topped with a few types of cheese and pepperoni or sausage. It consists of about 60% meat, 30% grease, and 10% cheese. I can almost feel my arteries clogging. I think if he makes it again, I'll have something that's not horrible for dinner.

An update on the lawn, I still haven't done it. At this point, I can't...because if I do, he'll think I did it because of him being an asshat, rather than just to get it done. I don't think he realizes that I already don't want to do it, and the more asshattery he pulls, the less I want to.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

Damn it! I had nearly been successful in blocking out the hideous cabbage/apple/ham thinger. I do feel for you more though as you actually had to eat it. I'll bet you never wanted to be vegetarian more in your life than when he made that.

7:52 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

Daniel, you're brother looks as cool as you described him and he has a beautiful girl. Other than that, just rember how life was last week, b/c I always have an eye on me. Unfortunatley, b/c the girl across the street.....

11:13 PM

Blogger Crystal said...

i feel you, my dad and mom tryed that diet for a few months then started casually going back to there usuall fat food! i still think it completly stupid that everytime my parents decide to go on ssome crazy diet i have to eat the same shit they do, but as long as it healthy i guess it cant hurt! right?!

10:00 PM


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