Now More Happier.


Of midnight bike rides and having the house.

I posted awhile ago about getting some exercise by bike riding. Originally, I was doing it around 8 or 9...that's when it starts getting cooler and the sun starts setting. Riding up hill (the only time I got a clear view) wasn't so bad when I was staring at the sunset. Shut up, I'm still straight. Anyway...I've found a better time. As you might've guessed, that time is midnight. I'm the only one around...most people are sleeping, and those that aren't are rushing through the neighborhood so that they can be. The coolest thing is that it keeps the mind engaged. I'm not going amazingly fast, but I'm going fast enough that if I fall, it's going to suck, especially if I'm going down a hill. There are basically three shades of black on the road...normal road, shadowy road, and holes. The problem is that the shadowy road liiks almost exactly like the holes, so it's interesting trying to steer clear of the holes and not bother with the shadows.

On another note, having a house all to yourself kicks ass so hard. My dad's a smoker, and generally gets on the computer really early in the morning. So, I'm enjoying the fact that this room doesn't stink of cigarette smoke when I wake up. It's also nice just...being able to do what I want. Not that there are a lot of rules, but there's a sense of freedom since I'm the only person in the house. My only responsibilities include: Making sure the dogs don't die, cleaning the pool, feeding myself, doing dishes. This is nice.


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