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Ick, politics.

This is just funny. Along the same topic, I managed to catch an episode of the No Spin Zone with O'Reilly and Moore debating. (Transcript is here, there's a video on the frontpage of It was pretty evenly matched, though they both beat around the bush (no pun intended) a lot more than I'd like. Another thing I didn't like was Moore asking O'Reilly whether or not he'd sacrifice his son to secure Fallujah. This is a stupid and silly argument. In my opinion, if you join the Army, you have to atleast have an idea that you'll be fighting. Moore, and the others who use this argument, don't realize or account for this. This is not the era of Vietnam and the draft, anyone who serves does it willingly and should have a full knowledge of the possibilities, especially if they signed up after 9/11. The argument is all emotion, and no substance.


Blogger Joshua said...

First off, the title "No Spin Zone" always makes me chuckle because it's anything but. (Notice on that link to the transcript, the top of the page says it's a partial transcript, but in the actual article text it says it's the full version.) Second, I think you're missing the point of asking about sacrificing a son.

How can someone support the war if they aren't willing to sacrifice their children for the war effort? Is it because they think their children are somehow better than the soldiers out there fighting and dying for their cause? If you saw Moore's film, you know that he went around D.C. in an attempt to get Senators to answer that very same question, and only ONE of them agreed with him. Think about that. Nearly the entire Senate says "let's go to war!" but they aren't willing to put their own families at risk to do so.

10:07 AM

Blogger Trevor said...

daniel, i wanted to post this on kenny's blog, but i decided that the people who would read it were too stupid to get it. Im not talking about kenny either. I know he reads this blog, so he can read it here.

"ok, you're right daniel. Our school sucks b/c of the certain people in it (people that hide behind the the computer screen) but i think it's b/c some of us know each other too well. People that self proclaim their personalities as what they think it is and talk about themselves way too much, the people that desire the attention they never got at their home schools, the people that take things, mostly everything, way too seriosly. I know we know some people that match that definition quite nicely. Are those the people that we are talking about? Or is it us, the people who actually go around talking about how our school sucks, although i have personally not talked about it this much before, and neither has daniel. Tech majors aren't the problem. And again, i emphazsize on the freshman. Although i should also make sure that you dont think i am talkin about the freshman in general, just a select few.

Well actually, does our school suck?

I'll leave that for the reader to answer, b/c i think our school is comfortable. And yes, that is a strange description, but i think it matches. Thanks for showing me the way daniel. Now go get better at halo pc."

I was gonna post it there, but you know how it is. Anyways this is directly replying to your reply.

11:08 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

Josh: I agree, the No Spin Zone is an amusingly ironic title, and O'Reilly is a big blubbering vagina. He's the right's version of Moore, which is why it's amusing to see the two argue.

Trevor: Our school doesn't suck, it's great. The closeness of everyone's probably the best thing, and the fact that teachers don't just see you as another face, but actually know your name and your personality within a couple weeks. As for getting better at Halo PC, I'll pwn you any time.

2:10 PM


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