Now More Happier.


Closet liberal?

So, I took the political compass test again, today and scored a (-0.25, 2.31), which makes me slightly left of center on the economy and authoritarian. I also took a test to see which candidate I match up to, and the results were...surprising.

1. Lieberman (50)
2. Dean (45)
3. Cheney (45)
4. Bush (43)
5. Graham (38)
6. Gephardt (33)
7. Kerry (25)
8. Mosely-Braun (23)
9. Kucinich (23)
10. Sharpton (20)
11. Edwards (20)
12. Clark (20)
13. Nader (15)

I'm confused and think I need a support group.


More proof

More proof that Nickelback are a bunch of talentless hacks.


Ick, politics.

This is just funny. Along the same topic, I managed to catch an episode of the No Spin Zone with O'Reilly and Moore debating. (Transcript is here, there's a video on the frontpage of It was pretty evenly matched, though they both beat around the bush (no pun intended) a lot more than I'd like. Another thing I didn't like was Moore asking O'Reilly whether or not he'd sacrifice his son to secure Fallujah. This is a stupid and silly argument. In my opinion, if you join the Army, you have to atleast have an idea that you'll be fighting. Moore, and the others who use this argument, don't realize or account for this. This is not the era of Vietnam and the draft, anyone who serves does it willingly and should have a full knowledge of the possibilities, especially if they signed up after 9/11. The argument is all emotion, and no substance.


I win.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of a lawn mower running. I figured it was the next door neighbors mowing their lawn. It wasn't.


The taste of heart attack.

So my dad's doing the Atkin's diet, which means that for dinner there's a lot of meat, and not much else. There's occasionally vegetables, or some other sort of side, but that's not the norm anymore. Tonight, though, we had one of the most disgusting foods since his apple/cabbage/ham experiment a few Thanksgivings ago. That dish? Crustless meat pizza. It's basically hamburger topped with a few types of cheese and pepperoni or sausage. It consists of about 60% meat, 30% grease, and 10% cheese. I can almost feel my arteries clogging. I think if he makes it again, I'll have something that's not horrible for dinner.

An update on the lawn, I still haven't done it. At this point, I can't...because if I do, he'll think I did it because of him being an asshat, rather than just to get it done. I don't think he realizes that I already don't want to do it, and the more asshattery he pulls, the less I want to.


Ah, rebellion.

When my dad left with my sister, he mentioned that it'd be really cool if I had the lawn done by the time he got back. However, I was too busy being glad I was alone to remember when they were getting back, so it didn't get done. In fact, the day I was planning on asking him when they were getting back, he came home. So, since they got back, he's been nagging me. I did the front lawn, the one people actually see, and now he wants me to do the back. I'll get it done on my own time, or he can do it. It's not like we have a giant backyard.

Well, this isn't good enough for him. Also, I drink a lot of soda. So, he's threatening to only buy me a certain amount per week (it's enough to last for about half a week), and then more if I mow the lawn. That is so lame. So lame, in fact, that I'm just not going to bother now. I'll drink orange juice, water, tea, and his pepsi twist, but the lawn will remain unmowed.

I'm like a lazy, white version of Gandhi.


Too cool for titles.

So, I was out riding the bike and thinking tonight, and I realised I should take some time out of my schedule of not doing anything, and not doing anything important to mention that I miss my friends. You'd be hard pressed to find a cooler group of people, and I haven't talked to most since school ended. I'm sure they see me as aloof, but this is not the case.



Hillary Duff is a Nazi.


My life is rated...

You can see what yours is rated here

It'd be a boring ass movie though. Like The Matrix, but without all the things that made it good, and with more being on the computer.



My dad's back. It's not really different, I just have to deal with people again, and there's slightly less freedom. For example, no more screaming profanities because I feel like it. Or just going to watch TV because I'm tired of being on the computer. It's pretty nice just being the only human in the house. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until next year.

On a side note, it saved me from having to ride my bike up the grocery store and pick up soda and dinner, so it's not all bad.


Of midnight bike rides and having the house.

I posted awhile ago about getting some exercise by bike riding. Originally, I was doing it around 8 or 9...that's when it starts getting cooler and the sun starts setting. Riding up hill (the only time I got a clear view) wasn't so bad when I was staring at the sunset. Shut up, I'm still straight. Anyway...I've found a better time. As you might've guessed, that time is midnight. I'm the only one around...most people are sleeping, and those that aren't are rushing through the neighborhood so that they can be. The coolest thing is that it keeps the mind engaged. I'm not going amazingly fast, but I'm going fast enough that if I fall, it's going to suck, especially if I'm going down a hill. There are basically three shades of black on the road...normal road, shadowy road, and holes. The problem is that the shadowy road liiks almost exactly like the holes, so it's interesting trying to steer clear of the holes and not bother with the shadows.

On another note, having a house all to yourself kicks ass so hard. My dad's a smoker, and generally gets on the computer really early in the morning. So, I'm enjoying the fact that this room doesn't stink of cigarette smoke when I wake up. It's also nice just...being able to do what I want. Not that there are a lot of rules, but there's a sense of freedom since I'm the only person in the house. My only responsibilities include: Making sure the dogs don't die, cleaning the pool, feeding myself, doing dishes. This is nice.


Slight update.

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice the byline (the thing down there) has changed a bit. I switched some stuff around and changed some text, and now it's nice.



My mom went on vacation, leaving my sister to us for a week. So, my dad took her to Pennsylvania to visit family, leaving me alone. For a week. Alone. Yay.

Also, you can now comment on posts, because I'm so god damn l33t.