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Why German kicks ass.

Speaking in German makes you sound really pissed off, all the time. That's not necessarily a good thing, but the fact that it can make even the most wussy of lyrics automatically sound like the singer is going to rip your throat out...that deserves recognition. Here's an example from a song called Tanz mit Laibach (Dance with Laibach), by a band called Laibach.

German lyrics:
Wir tanzen und wir springen
Wir hupfen und wir singen
Wir fallen und erheben

English lyrics:
We dance and we jump
We hop and we sing
We fall and rise

At school, we've never had a good German teacher. First, we had an ex-CIA/MI guy, who was an awesome guy. But he didn't really teach us German, and when he did, there was a good chance it was incorrect. Then we had a woman who worked us way too hard for half a year. After a half year of not doing anything, that was a big shock. Not in a good way. Now we have a woman who's really nice, but has no clue what she's doing as a teacher. We did as much with her this year as we did last year in half of a year. Fortunately, that's over with. For now, anyway.

Updates might get scarce, because it's summer. Now that I'm mostly going to be inside by myself all day, there's not going to be anyone to piss me off and cause me to write about it. And I refuse to turn this into a political blog. There's no dearth of those, and I'm really just not interested in that.


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