Now More Happier.



I've been getting bored with my music's just the same stuff, over and over. 316 songs is a lot, but I've heard every one of them multiple times. It's boring. But now that I've found an internet radio station to listen to, I'm hearing new things. Which will lead to more music. Who knows, some day I may even fill up my MP3 player.

On another, completely different, note I'll be leaving within an hour or two to go apply for some jobs. I would've left sooner, but I had no clean shirts. So now I'm doing laundry. I'll be going to Blockbuster, then K-Mart, then Kroger's. Unfortunately, it's sort of late. But I'm out a week before everyone else in this county, so I can put in full-time hours sooner. Hopefully that'll work out, and I'll be rolling in the dough. Naked.


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