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On Exercise

It's not so bad. I'm not talking about weight-lifting and stuff. The last thing I want is to be in a gym with a bunch of sweaty guys wearing spandex, the air so full of testosterone you could choke. For now, I'm just riding a bike around. Generally for around 40 minutes, that'll probably get longer as my endurance goes up. I'm building up muscles in my legs, which is cool, but I'm also burning calories, which is the real goal. See...I'm just a tad overweight. Well...more than a tad. I've pretty much always been, even when I played sports. I had a really shitty attitude about that as a kid, but now I'm better. Unfortunately, it's a little late for just changing my eating habbits to have any appreciable effect. So...I'm bike riding. It's actually pretty fun, because I have an MP3 player. I'd be bored out of my mind if there wasn't something to listen to, but I can just ride and listen. In the dark. It's cool. And hopefully slimming.

On a completely different note, there's one bad thing about internet radio. When there's a good (non-copyrighted) song on, I can't go download it, because chances are it's too obscure for KaZaA (Which I use only for downloading non-copyrighted material).

On another completely different note, I'm feeling really cynical tonight. Woohoo.


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