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Ah, anecdotes via AIM chatrooms.

Person1 (4:39:11 PM): So my friend is telling me about why his lips and tongue are currentlyk numb.
Person2 (4:39:27 PM): Ok...
Person1 (4:39:36 PM): Apparently one of his coworkers has really bad hemmeroids and she asked him to get this anal-eze stuff because it works really well.
Person1 (4:39:51 PM): It's also been used by him before with hi slip piercing to not hurt at all.
Person1 (4:39:55 PM): So anyways
Person1 (4:40:01 PM): He gets her some, and she says it's not working for her.
Person1 (4:40:12 PM): So he tries rubbing some on his lips to see just how well it works
Person1 (4:40:26 PM): Essentailly just like EMLA cream or topical novacaine.
Person1 (4:40:29 PM): But anyways.
Person1 (4:40:36 PM): The thing that he's kinda wierded out about..
Person1 (4:40:41 PM): Is the fact that it was cherry-flavored.

Cherry-flavored anal lube. Mmmm.


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