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Ah, anecdotes via AIM chatrooms.

Person1 (4:39:11 PM): So my friend is telling me about why his lips and tongue are currentlyk numb.
Person2 (4:39:27 PM): Ok...
Person1 (4:39:36 PM): Apparently one of his coworkers has really bad hemmeroids and she asked him to get this anal-eze stuff because it works really well.
Person1 (4:39:51 PM): It's also been used by him before with hi slip piercing to not hurt at all.
Person1 (4:39:55 PM): So anyways
Person1 (4:40:01 PM): He gets her some, and she says it's not working for her.
Person1 (4:40:12 PM): So he tries rubbing some on his lips to see just how well it works
Person1 (4:40:26 PM): Essentailly just like EMLA cream or topical novacaine.
Person1 (4:40:29 PM): But anyways.
Person1 (4:40:36 PM): The thing that he's kinda wierded out about..
Person1 (4:40:41 PM): Is the fact that it was cherry-flavored.

Cherry-flavored anal lube. Mmmm.


Mostly for the brother and sister.

I've found a site which can fix all of America's problems.

Here's a link
Here's another!
Not here!
Last chance!">

Be amazed!


No more buttons. Apparently they were Xs, so rather than find somewhere to host them, I just removed them. Oh well.

I really need to get out more, there's nothing to write about.

New email. It is now D4n13l *AT* gmail dot com. If you want an invite, IM or Email me, and I'll send you one when I get an invite.

Word of the day



Ready steady stop
Hurry up and wait
The tick-tick-ticking of the clock
Delineates your fate

-KMFDM, Waste

Not much else to report.


Yay, buttons!


Last 10 songs.

This 'exercise' has no real purpose...I'm just bored and feel like listing the last 10 songs I listened to.

10. Hocico - Signo de Muerte
9. Neuroticfish - Modulator
8. MDFMK - Control
7. KMFDM - Terror
6. Assemblage 23 - 7 Days
5. KMFDM - Waste
4. Nine Inch Nails - Into the Void
3. The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma
2. Skinny Puppy - Cult
1. Hocico - Odio en Alma

Exciting, right?



Even Chapelle hates the "I'm Rick James, Bitch!" retardery that's going around.

Idiots are going to kill the funny.

New template goodness.



Why German kicks ass.

Speaking in German makes you sound really pissed off, all the time. That's not necessarily a good thing, but the fact that it can make even the most wussy of lyrics automatically sound like the singer is going to rip your throat out...that deserves recognition. Here's an example from a song called Tanz mit Laibach (Dance with Laibach), by a band called Laibach.

German lyrics:
Wir tanzen und wir springen
Wir hupfen und wir singen
Wir fallen und erheben

English lyrics:
We dance and we jump
We hop and we sing
We fall and rise

At school, we've never had a good German teacher. First, we had an ex-CIA/MI guy, who was an awesome guy. But he didn't really teach us German, and when he did, there was a good chance it was incorrect. Then we had a woman who worked us way too hard for half a year. After a half year of not doing anything, that was a big shock. Not in a good way. Now we have a woman who's really nice, but has no clue what she's doing as a teacher. We did as much with her this year as we did last year in half of a year. Fortunately, that's over with. For now, anyway.

Updates might get scarce, because it's summer. Now that I'm mostly going to be inside by myself all day, there's not going to be anyone to piss me off and cause me to write about it. And I refuse to turn this into a political blog. There's no dearth of those, and I'm really just not interested in that.


On Exercise

It's not so bad. I'm not talking about weight-lifting and stuff. The last thing I want is to be in a gym with a bunch of sweaty guys wearing spandex, the air so full of testosterone you could choke. For now, I'm just riding a bike around. Generally for around 40 minutes, that'll probably get longer as my endurance goes up. I'm building up muscles in my legs, which is cool, but I'm also burning calories, which is the real goal. See...I'm just a tad overweight. Well...more than a tad. I've pretty much always been, even when I played sports. I had a really shitty attitude about that as a kid, but now I'm better. Unfortunately, it's a little late for just changing my eating habbits to have any appreciable effect. So...I'm bike riding. It's actually pretty fun, because I have an MP3 player. I'd be bored out of my mind if there wasn't something to listen to, but I can just ride and listen. In the dark. It's cool. And hopefully slimming.

On a completely different note, there's one bad thing about internet radio. When there's a good (non-copyrighted) song on, I can't go download it, because chances are it's too obscure for KaZaA (Which I use only for downloading non-copyrighted material).

On another completely different note, I'm feeling really cynical tonight. Woohoo.



I've been getting bored with my music's just the same stuff, over and over. 316 songs is a lot, but I've heard every one of them multiple times. It's boring. But now that I've found an internet radio station to listen to, I'm hearing new things. Which will lead to more music. Who knows, some day I may even fill up my MP3 player.

On another, completely different, note I'll be leaving within an hour or two to go apply for some jobs. I would've left sooner, but I had no clean shirts. So now I'm doing laundry. I'll be going to Blockbuster, then K-Mart, then Kroger's. Unfortunately, it's sort of late. But I'm out a week before everyone else in this county, so I can put in full-time hours sooner. Hopefully that'll work out, and I'll be rolling in the dough. Naked.



Fuck yeah

Those are the words that came from my mouth as soon as my ass hit the car seat. It's done, and I don't have to see most of the idiots for about 90 days. All the cool people, I talk to on the internet. So it's good as fucking gold.



Almost done for the year...two more half days, then summer time.

Here's a picture of my brother and sister-in-law, neither of whom recognized me the first time they saw me. Apparently they were really tired at the time.