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Tunnel Vision, anyone?

I hardly ever write about things here right after they happen (exception being the post below this one) because I don't want what I'm feeling at the time to get in the way. I want to be able to calmly, detachedly look at what happened and not care. I also want to formulate what I'm writing, which is more a process of thinking about something once in awhile, defining what I feel and what I want to say.

That said, these comments still baffle me. In geometry (you'll find a lot of posts are stories about stupid things that happen in that class, but I digress), someone was talking about how their friend is going to go have dinner with the President. They're explaining that the friend donated a lot of money to a scholarship organisation, and Bush is having them over as a thank you. That's pretty cool in my book. Anyway, another person says something like, "Why is he even having dinner with people?" This is baffling. This isn't World War II, when we needed to conserve everything we could in order to be successful. I believe the Iraqi war is important, probably one of the more important things going on at the moment. It's success (or lack there-of), and how either side spins it will probably determine who our next leader is. However, it is not so important that government business should stop. It is not so important that our President should cease having dinner with people. To say something like this takes such an amazingly hard left bend that I believe it defies physics. It also takes a significant lack of thought, which goes hand in hand with extremism of any sort.

The other baffling comment is "You should get her to ask him if he knows he's RUINING THE WORLD." This is where the title comes from. Not only is it a significant display of tunnel vision, it's miopic as well. I think this comment takes such a hard bend, it actually becomes a black hole of liberalness. Like Bush or not, to say that he is "RUINING THE WORLD" is fallacy. Bush's main focus is the Middle East, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan. These are hardly the world. The US, under Bush, donated billions to African governments to help in their fight against AIDS. The US, under Bush, is seeking to end the threat of terrorism. How effective his tactics will be remains to be seen...though as a good little Conservative, I feel they will be.

I've noticed I'm bad with endings. It seems to me that I never completely let the subject go, but simply stop. Like a literary car hitting the brick wall called Publish Post. I'll have to work on that.


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