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Sorry, no pseudo-title.

So...almost a week since the last edit. Life's been pretty hectic at school, but nothing particularly exciting's happening. We got our interims earlier this week, and all the teachers are finishing up. I've had to do a couple major projects and papers, but I've managed to not do much at home and still get them all finished. This Monday my tech class got a serious bitching out from the teacher. Turns out most of us didn't do any work at all this 9 weeks. Whoops. I finished the 4 and a half weeks of work in one class period though, so I'm good. I'm going to end up turning in the 9 program mega-project we have to do late though.

I've also realized I don't really care about gay marriage. It doesn't really effect me if they can't get married, and it doesn't really effect me if they can. Previously, I had been against it for religious reasons. Then I had a revelation. Basically, just because a judge says, "You're married. w00t." doesn't mean God agrees. Since I'm sure God can make good decisions for Himself, it's not really our job to say who gets legally married and who doesn't. conclusion: Religious marriage is the only one that really matters to me, God can make His own decisions, and gays may now be married.

I'm having more thoughts, but I'm also lazy and don't feel like typing. Maybe tomorrow.


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