Now More Happier.


A short story.

He glanced down at his hands. The glossy black armor that covered them shone brilliantly, and the reflection of the sun blinded him for a moment. The heat beat down upon him as he walked along the odd plains. The ground was a faded blue, the color of the skies at noon.

He resumed his steady pace, feeling momentarily guilty about having paused in his trek. He was assigned by the queen to scout this path, through many odd lands and over many arduous trails. He could not fathom the purpose, but he recognized he did not need to. He needed only to obey, and all would be fine.

In the distance, he noticed a short rise, beyond which was emptyness. He decided to follow the rise, as it seemed to be in a roughly straight line. The utter desolation of these plains was maddening, and he could well imagine one stuck here to be slowly driven insane. If the heat or lack of food did not kill them first.

Off in the distance, he noticed a warrior for the Red Kingdom. He briefly considered fighting, but his mission from the Queen overrode his personal wish for glory. He stopped again and stared at the other warrior, making sure he was not seen.

Suddenly, a giant ball of water landed on his counterpart, knocking him off his feet and creating a large pool around him.

In a moment, water was landing everywhere, creating a multitude of puddles over the plain.

Suddenly, he heard a faint roaring. Then a giant wall of water came rushing to meet him, sweeping him off his feet. As the water began to recede and he regained his bearings, another wall of water hit him, pushing him into a small crevice. A third came, sweeping him over an edge he had not seen.


He panted and spit out water, ceasing his swimming. He clung to the ladder, feeling much more tired than he should have. He noticed two ants walking along the edge of the pool, and splashed at them so that they wouldn't fall in. One refused to be swept away, so he splashed it again. It clung to a small crack in the deck of the pool, but the third splash dislodged it, sending it tumbling to the ground.


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