Now More Happier.


Pool cleaning.

Holy crap. No, really. Holy crap. Cleaning a pool with a years worth of leaves and pollen in it sucks. We (my dad and I) spent about an hour mowing the lawn and doing other sorts of yard work, then rested for half an hour and went to work on the pool. He stood inside and shoveled leaves into a bucket, which I went to dump in a compost heap. After about an hour of that, we had to get the cover out of the pool so that the water can be pumped out. 20 minutes of touching stinky, slimy plastic is not fun. At all. At least I'll get to go swimming eventually, and hopefully the water won't be nasty and green most of the year like it was last year.

On another, more pleasant note, I've been playing the Halo Demo for the PC. It's nowhere near as cool as the XBox version, but that's OK because I can do something besides play the campaign. The graphics aren't anywhere near as good, and the people are stupid, but it's better than nothing.


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