Now More Happier.


I went to a birthday party for my friend last night, which was pretty cool. We played Halo for awhile...I think I wracked up about an hour and a half of actual playtime. We also played a sort-of game of capture the flag and I played some pool and foozball. The only bad thing was that it was out in Surrey, which is the actual middle of nowhere.

On a completely different note, I felt like moving around and doing something tonight, so I went out and tried to ride my bike. It was dark and raining, which was actually pretty cool. It wasn't too cold, and it had the makings of fun. I rode the bike around the block once, but noticed it was pretty hard to keep at a decent speed, so I pulled back into my driveway to pump up the tires. The first one I got filled up pretty well, but the second one had a giant hole. I was pissed. Of course, tires don't cost much, but replacing a back tire innertube is a pain in the ass.


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