Now More Happier.


Going into school late kicks ass. It's almost 11, I'm not leaving for about another hour. This is because of SoL week, and me not having any SoLs today. Sitting here at home in front of the computer is 50 times better than sitting in a classroom at school for 3 hours.

I finally beat Halo today (pretty sad, I know). I've had the game for about a year, but never have had a sustained interest in video games, especially really long ones like Halo. I think this stems from me not commiting to things very well. Anyway, you know a video game is good, when after you beat it you do two things: You look back and say 'Holy crap.' and you feel weak. I did both of these.

I'm going to add a new button for Mozilla FireFox in a second. It's like Internet Explorer, but better. It has tabbed browsing (allows you to go to more than one website in the same window at once), themes, add-ons, pop-up and add-blocking and more. Oh, and it's free. Go get it.


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