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Almost done...

4 day weekend...then I will be at school Tuesday for possibly a half day (I'm not really sure yet). Then I'm going to St. Louis for a week. Then I come back to 4 half days of school, followed by summer vacation. Hell to the yes. I really just don't want to deal with any of the normal social school crap anymore. Or the waking up before 8:00 thing. Hell, even the doing my hair in the morning is getting pretty tiresome...and it takes about 2 minutes.

I think the only thing making school tolerable, besides the fact that it's almost out, is that I've grown a lot closer to almost everyone. At the beginning of the year, there were quite a few people in my class I really didn't like. Now, I don't think I can think of more than one, and she's a stupid bitch who I do my best to ignore anyway. Those who I don't necessarily like, I can tolerate. I think it's makes dealing with school a lot easier when I'm not almost constantly pissed off.

A sort of random though came to me as I was typing that last school needs to do announcements earlier. They give me way too long to build up apathy and not really care about the Pledge of Allegiance, the moment of silence, or the announcements. They usually do them at the beginning of second period...for whatever reason. Maybe interrupting second period is better than interrupting first...or something. That's ARGS for you.


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