Now More Happier.


The standard complaint.

This is mostly stream-of-consciousness, it'll probably ramble more than a little.

School has become such a boring chore. All the classes are so repetitive, there's either no work ever or lots of work every day. The only truly fun classes are English, because we usually do discussions which are always different, and Graphic Design, because me and the four other people in that class just goof off on computers and joke around most of the time. The sad part is that once SoLs are over, they'll probably stay the same. I'm just tired of dealing with the people (especially in my Geometry class), the teachers, the work, the constant waking up at 6:00 to be on the bus at 6:45, to start school at 8:20. The weeks are too long, the weekends to short, and the holidays few and far-between as summer vacation slowly approaches. I'm constantly trying to think of a way to make it suck less, but so far the best answer is just to deal with it and wait for it to be over with.

This is great...I've got 'senioritis' in 10th grade.


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