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A few things from today.

Suspenders kick ass. Hardcore.

Someone asked me in English class today why I dislike the type of person that'll watch American Idol, but go to all the trouble to shave my head and wear tall boots. Firstly, I could do both every day in less than 15 minutes, so it's not really that much trouble. Secondly, and most importantly, the groups are different. Let's face it, everyone belongs to a group of one sort or another. There are over 5 billion people, and not enough styles for everyone to be unique. What matters is the groups you associate with. Saying that they're all the same is akin to comparing GLAAD with White supremacists. They have very vague similarities (they both champion a cause, no matter how worthy it may be), but to say that they're the same is simply ludicrous. It's the same way, I feel, with American Idol watchers (calling them preps is so...blasé) and whatever group I fit into.

What's important is the reason that one is in the group. Are they in there because the style and people appeal to them, or because they aren't confident enough to do something different? The former are fine, no matter which group they're in. The latter should only be looked at with contempt.

There's one more thing, but I think I'll make a new post for it, for the sake of sequence.


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